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Snoring combined with gasping and choking isn't healthy or normal. Get help today.

Snoring Can Be A Sign Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.



Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common type of sleep apnea in the US. Typically the uvula, soft palate, tonsils, or tongue will collapse into the back of the throat during deep, especially REM, sleep, and in supine position causing moderate to severe obstruction. This will be evident by snoring combined with choking and even gasping for breath while sleeping. During the obstruction episode, the level of oxygen in the body drops to below normal and this increases stress on all parts of the body, especially the brain and heart. Men may also be 2 to 3 times more likely to experience sleep apnea than women. 


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Typically the first sign of OSA is snoring. If you or your partner notices that you stop breathing during sleep or appear to be gasping or choking during sleep and wake up with a gasp, then most likely you have OSA. There may be arousals from sleep as well and you will not feel well rested and perhaps have daytime sleepiness or early morning headaches. Children with OSA may suffer from ADHD.

Moderate to severe sleep apnea significantly increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and heart disease, strokes, accidents, memory impairment, and loss of concentration due to lack of sleep, among other adverse health effects.


If you suspect that you or your partner have sleep apnea, the first step is to talk to a board-certified otolaryngologist who specializes in sleep medicine such as Dr. Khetarpal. Your doctor will probably perform a series of tests to determine if you have sleep apnea including endoscopy and a sleep study. 

Once Obstructive Sleep Apnea has been diagnosed, there are various treatment options available to patients which include a weight-loss plan and a CPAP device (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). Some patients cannot tolerate CPAP and your doctor may suggest surgery.  Every treatment option is designed to improve the airway either behind the nose, behind the throat, or behind the tongue. Sometimes, after a patient begins CPAP, their sleep improves and they have more energy to exercise and be more productive throughout the day. Your doctor will discuss the best treatment option for you.



Dr. Khetarpal was trained in New York with additional research and clinical training fellowships at the prestigious Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospitals. He is amongst the first few surgeons in the country to offer Image-Guided In-Office Comprehensive Sinus Surgery and PIVA™ Balloon Sinuplasty and is currently conducting research on sinusitis and allergic rhinitis with the approval of the Western Institutional Review Board that oversees this research. His interest in sleep disorders, particularly snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea compelled Dr. Khetarpal to obtain Board Certification in Sleep Medicine so that he could provide a consistently high quality of care for these patients.

Dr. Khetarpal has recently presented 5 research papers on Recurrent Acute Rhinosinusitis at the International Meeting of Rhinology in Chicago, in June 2019. There are very few sinus specialists in private practice conducting sinus or allergy research in the US. He is one of those few.

In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Khetarpal is known for his patience and compassionate care. He practices in Houston and The Woodlands and is accepting new patients. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Khetarpal to determine if you have obstructive sleep apnea and to get the personalized care you need to sleep better, breathe easily, and wake up feeling refreshed.

I went in for headaches, dizziness, lack of sleep, migraines, chronic fatigue. Dr. Khetarpal recommended surgery and it could not have gone better. The staff was extremely helpful, and recovery was a breeze. 4 hours post-surgery I was sitting with my fiance discussing wedding plans. I did not experience any pain post-operation and bleeding was minimal after the surgery. It only had a small drip for the 3 hours following the operation. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

T. Schroeder, Google



Relief is just around the corner. Schedule your appointment today with the best ENT in the Houston and The Woodlands. Request your preferred date and time and we will contact your shortly to confirm. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

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