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Otolaryngology is the medical term for the various conditions of the ear, nose and throat (ENT). This can also include certain areas in the head and neck as well. The doctors that deal with these conditions are called Otolaryngologists, ENT doctors and ENT specialists. Ear, nose and throat doctors can help with many sinus and allergy problems, snoring and sleep apnea, headache, facial pain, dizziness, hearing problems, facial plastic surgery, voice and throat diseases, neck tumors, thyroid and parathyroid disease, jaw tumors, cleft lip and palate, nose reshaping, facelifts, eyelid surgery and much more including numerous conditions involving the upper respiratory system for both adults and children. 

Dr. Khetarpal, the founder of Texas Sinus, Allergy, Snoring and Sleep Institute is DOUBLY Board-Certified in Ear, Nose and Throat-Head, Neck and Facial Plastic Surgery as well as in Sleep Medicine.

  • EARS
    If a patient is experiencing problems with hearing, balance, dizziness, vertigo, ear infections, ringing in the ears, pain or discharge in the ears or a plugged up sensation, it is advisable to see an Otolaryngologist.. The doctor/specialist will diagnose each patient individually and work with him or her until the problem is resolved.
    There are many health hazards that could come along with nose and sinus problems. These problems could affect breathing, sleeping, smell and or physical appearance. There are many different treatments for these conditions that range from simple exercises up to surgeries that need to be done in a medical facility.
    When a person is having problems with their throat some conditions could speech, singing, eating, swallowing, and digestion. ENT specialists can diagnose, manage, and treat these problems.
    ENT specialists have experience in treating and managing diseases, tumors, trauma, and abnormalities of the head, neck, and face. Ear, nose and throat specialists can perform cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in these areas while also managing problems with the nerves in the head and neck that control sight, smelling, hearing, etc.
    An allergy is an unusual response of the body to an environment agent. The development of allergies can depend on many different factors, some of which include: genetics, environmental interactions, degree of exposure to the particular allergen and duration of exposure. Some allergies are even caused by unknown factors. A variety of tests can be done to figure out allergies that are affecting day to day life. Some options for different treatment plans include: Immunotherapy and Allergy drops. If you are wondering if an ear, nose and throat doctor could help you, contact us today.
    Otolaryngologists are also trained in Plastic surgery of the face including rhinoplasty, ear reshaping, eyelid cosmetic surgery, neck lift and facelifts besides injecting botox and fillers in the face and neck in addition to removing skin cancers and reconstructing the defects. They also perform reconstruction and repair to trauma to the facial soft tissue and bones.
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