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Sinus CT imaging is a minimally invasive exam in which images are taken of your sinuses, similar to an x-ray. This exam is helpful in diagnosing sinusitis, septal deviation and many other conditions of the sinuses. During the exam, you will be asked to remain still, while the CT scanner takes images of your sinuses. Sinus CT imaging itself takes about 20-40 seconds, and does not require an anesthetic. After the exam, patients can immediately return to normal activities. We use a Mini-CAT CT scan so that you can conveniently have your imaging done right in our office. This high resolution machine provides us with immediate imaging and a faster diagnosis. It also emits less radiation than a traditional CT scan seen in hospitals or imaging centers and allows you to sit upright in an open space. We have not had any patient experience claustrophobia and even children do well during the scan

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