You may be having an allergic reaction to 1 (or more) of these 10 things!

The top ten causes of allergy are Dust, Pollen, Fungal spores, cockroach, animal dander including cats and dogs, foods such as peanuts, medicines, insects bite such as fire ant, perfumes and latex.

The first five are inhaled allergens, that means we breathe them in through the mouth or nose. In the US about 75% of all tested patients have allergy to dust regardless of geography. Depending on the weather, a humidifier or dehumidifier may help in increasing or decreasing humidity. For dust allergies, a humidifier is helpful, for fungus a dehumidifier should help. Keeping a home clean will reduce allergens. A HEPA filter is a great choice for those with allergies to inhalants


Pollen Count today around the Woodlands is 0.5, mostly grasses. This is not considered high.

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